ALBERTVILLE, Minn. - The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is allowing "unlimited" fishing on Pelican Lake near Albertville. It is one of 11 lakes across the state where officials have liberalized the rules.

"The combination of the snow, the thick ice and the plants decomposing under water, is just chewing up the oxygen," explained Joe Stewig, Minn. Dept. of Natural Resources.

So little oxygen is in the water that the DNR estimated many of the fish will die.

As a result, it's okay to fish with nets, spears too and as for a fishing limit, go ahead and catch all that you would like.

"I think we got 10 northerns," said angler David Jewitt. "We had a pail of crappies, but took those home."

Jewitt plans to pickle his catch and Pelican Lake is in a bit of a "pickle" itself.

It's part of wildlife management project to return the area back to its natural duck hunting habitat.

Officials are convinced there will be a fish kill.

In addition, officials will purposefully drop the water level and the three year plan is to allow native plants to grow back, the ducks to return and for the fish to be permanently removed.

The DNR plans to continue the liberated fishing regulation on Pelican Lake until March 9.

As for the 11 other lakes where the rules were relaxed, it's too late, they have already returned to their regular rules and regulations.