ST. PAUL, Minn. - When Melinda Domzalski-Hansen bought a new car, she was shocked when she received her new license plates.

The plates came with the numbers 666. A combination that led Domzalski-Hansen to ask us this question: If you buy a new car and get license plates that start with the number 666, could you reject them and make the DMC issue you new plates?

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We posed the question to Bruce Gordon, the Communications Director for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

“There is a review process. There are some letter and number combinations we have committed for obvious reasons,” says Gordon. “You’re not going to see a license plate with S-E-X on it. So those have already been taken out of production. Otherwise, it’s a number of different combinations so that you can have as many license plates as we have in Minnesota.”

Gordon says 666 is in production because it doesn’t have the same meaning for everyone.

“She can take it into the dealership and ask for a different plate,” says Gordon. “If it’s been awhile, she can go into the deputy registrar’s office and pay $16 to get a different plate.”

Domzalski-Hansen says she gets stopped several times a day from people asking about her license plates. She says she’s thinking about changing them because they’re drawing a lot of attention. “We really like spooky movies, so we think it’s kind of funny,” she says with a laugh.

Gordon says if you received a license plate and you don’t like it, the best time to take care of it is at the counter where you received the plate.

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