MANKATO, Minn. -- A former Minnesota State-Mankato football player who was badly injured in an after-bar assault has reached two important milestones, according to his family.

Isaac Kolstad began talking and eating this week.

Kolstad has been working with a speech therapist who is helping to make his speech more understandable. According to a post on his Caring Bridge site, "Isaac has dysphagia much like that of a stoke victim, so he knows what word he is wanting to say but the muscles in the mouth are not producing the correct words/sounds to actually say what he wants to say."

Kolstad also completed a swallow study which showed his swallowing is intact, but his chewing abilities are still behind.

"He says it's great to be eating again. His favorite is dessert as usual, there is lots of ice cream and cake here to keep up the calories to meet his intake needs for therapy, so there are lots of 'yums' and smiles at meal times lately," Isaac's wife Molly wrote on his Caring Bridge site.