MINNEAPOLIS - A community comes together to support the family of a missing man.

Josef Zurnieden disappeared when he left for work on July 1, 2014. His wife and two kids, along with the Minneapolis police department have been looking for him ever since.

It's been a difficult time for the family, who has put their small business and their lives aside to search for Joe.

On Thursday, friends at St. Helena School in Minneapolis showed their support with a benefit for the family.

"This entire thing is our way of giving back, doing what we can, because there's so much we can't do," said a family friend, Dawn Agort-Kurth.

The 42-year old's van was found at 26th and Marshall in Minneapolis. But daily searches for him have turned up empty.

Donations can be made directly into a trust account at Wells Fargo. Tax ID 47-6346506; Wells Fargo account 8678229694. Checks can be mailed or brought in to any Wells Fargo or transferred between Wells Fargo accounts or mailed to Zurnieden Family Trust, P.O. Box 17112, Minneapolis MN 55417.