BLAINE, Minn. – Students at Blaine High School took "hands-on learning" to a whole new level.

"This is the highlight of the trimester for sure," said senior Brandon Hurd. "This is the type of learning you get excited for."

Students from the school's senior-level, outdoor science class have put tracking devices on raccoons and squirrels, but never a deer. That changed on Monday at neighboring Bunker Hills Regional Park

Baiting and trapping worked perfectly as the group was able to capture an adult doe.

"We took some blood samples and fecal samples to see the overall health of the deer," explained Josh Pithan. "By hearing the heart and the fetal heart, we get a big picture of what this dear goes through."

The northern suburban Deer Hunters Association donated a $2,500 tracking collar for the project giving students a chance to follow the deer for the next two to three years.

"In Blaine there is so much development going," said teacher Larry Osmek. "They deal with so much human interaction and we want to see how that affects them."