BUFFALO, Minn  - The average prom cost can easily creep up to $1,000 for many high school students for one night of fun.

"We calculated it one day in French. I think for the average girl it was like $800. Fake tan, hair, nails, makeup.” Gabbie Przekurat a Buffalo High School senior says.

She is one of 34 kids that spent time at two houses on prom nights where parents pitched in to help cut down on cost for the students.“It’s great. It’s nice to be all together with your friends,” said Przekurat 

The couples started off at one home where parents picked up the tab for appetizers and photos then headed to the Grand March. After that they hit another parent's house where each prom goer pitched in $5 to have them prepare a steak and salmon dinner.

“I mean, it doesn’t cover all the cost but it’s not really about that for us,” Jack Swearingen says. “It’s also about having them all together in one safe place.” He’s one of the parents preparing the meal. “It is expensive for the kids. It is. Prom is expensive period, so many things with flowers and everything else. This is just one less thing," Joy Swearingen says.