ST. PAUL, Minn. - Several big possibilities were unveiled in downtown St. Paul to not only attract people to the area, but help keep them there and help the city continue to thrive.

"These are just ideas," smiled Chris Coleman, St. Paul Mayor. "I think people need pictures."

About a year ago, St. Paul community and business leaders formed a committee to help make St. Paul better and a few of those plans were outlined Friday, including what to do with the old Macy's store.

The vacated building would go from its fortress-like style to something that's incredibly more inviting.

The street level would be filled with shops and above there would be much more.

"A ten story office level," explained Jim Davy, BWBG Architects. "And then housing and each of these developments has some sort of housing which we think is a catalyst for the development."

The Seven Corners neighborhood would include the addition of a hotel development and an outdoor plaza, along with shops and housing. The Seven Corners Gateway is actually the site across from the Xcel Energy Center, north of Kellogg Boulevard between Smith Avenue and West 7th Street. It's not the Seven Corners Hardware site. Opus has purchased the Seven Corners Hardware site.

Finally, the bluffs along what's currently the Ramsey County Government Center West building would house parking. There would be a structure at street level which would include offices, housing and a hotel. For now, nothing is set in stone. The city, however, does have one thing going for it. All of the properties slated for potential development are already either owned or operated by city and county entities.

Links to video animations for each site:

Ramsey County Government Center West:
Macy's-Grace-Wabasha Court :
Central Station:
7 Corners Gateway site: