OTSEGO, Minn. - With word of a possible truck stop coming to town, residents are upset it would ruin their community.

"The word is getting out. People are very upset about this. Nobody wants this," said Jamy Hanson.

Last week, Hanson created a petition to deliver to Otsego city officials to try and stop the potential project before it goes any further. She has gotten at least 370 signatures. She plans to hand it to the city this month.

"We welcome development, there’s plenty of things that we’d like to see like a community center, a grocery store, something that benefits the people that live here," said Hanson.

But a truck stop, many fear would bring crime, pollution and a congested two-lane road leading from a nearby neighborhood to I-94.

Some realtors also believe housing values will decrease in an area with newer neighborhoods.

"It would be a lot tougher, potentially, to market a custom home when you’re driving by a truck stop to get here," said Tim Reiswig, a real estate agent for Keller Williams Classic Realty Northwest.

Daniel Licht's office, The Planning Company, serves as the City Planner for Otsego said no application for the development has been received. He added, in an email: "City staff is aware of the potential development and have had preliminary discussions with the developer as to the required applications, the City's development standards, and potential concerns that such the developer must address as part of a formal development application in terms land use compatibility and transportation infrastructure. City Council members are aware of the potential for an application and have been contacted by people opposed to the proposal. The City is required to follow the process established by State law and the Zoning Ordinance in responding to all development proposals."

Licht said if an application is received, there will be a public meeting for residents to give their opinions.