MINNEAPOLIS - First responders are on the scene of a construction accident at a mall in south Minneapolis.

Minneapolis Police tell KARE 11 that a third story addition at the Karmel Mall on Pillsbury Ave. South and 29th Street collapsed around 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Building owner Basim Sabri says the project involves adding a two-story addition to the mall. He tells KARE that roof trussed were delivered and set in place, but apparently not secured correctly. He maintains that the incident created a lot of noise, but not danger or damage.

"The framers were working a little bit late, they got tired, they did not unfortunately tie one end of the trusess," Sabri told KARE 11's Jeffrey DeMars. "So wind hits it one truss hits the other truss and it's like dominoes."

A police spokesman says the first and second floors of the mall appear structurally sound, but everyone inside the building has been evacuated, as have people inside nearby structures. At this point it appears no one has been injured.

Neighbors tell KARE 11 that the project has been controversial in the neighborhood and that many aren't pleased with Sabri, a businessman who has served time in prison for bribery.

Utility crews are also on the scene shutting off gas and electricity to the area.