ST. JOSEPH, Minn. - A road contracting company is accepting full responsibility for a miscalculation that left an estimated hundreds of cars coated with an oily, sticky substance that won't wash off their vehicles.

Bruce Batzen, owner of Astech Corp., told KARE 11's Chris Hrapsky Monday that a crew doing a resurfacing job on Highway 19 near Northfield Saturday felt that a bonding agent sprayed on the road to hold fresh gravel would have the hour it required to dry properly. Instead, storms moved into the area and added water to the mix before the bonding agent could dry. As a result, vehicles driving on the heavily-traveled stretch of repaired road were coated in the chemical.

It took an estimated four hours to shut down the road, and by that time officials believe hundreds of motorists had their cars and trucks coated with the sticky goo.

Batzen says there are a number of solvents that will remove the substance from vehicles without impacted the paint. He is asking any vehicle owner impacted by the road mishap to call Astech's main switchboard directly at 320-363-8500. The company will collect information and turn it in to its insurance company.

Astech does road resurfacing projects across the state of Minnesota, with three fulls crews working at any given moment.