MINNEAPOLIS - Hennepin County crews spent Saturday filling potholes as deteriorating road conditions raised concern over safety.

Philip Krzyzaniak, a driver for The Yellow Cab, spends most of his time behind the wheel and he knows this year's potholes are brutal.

"Potholes are bad everywhere in the Twin Cities," he said. "(Potholes are) just really hard on the car."

Krzyzaniak also said it has been "very hard for the passengers to get in from side streets because of all the potholes."

And because the potholes are causing so many problems, crews were out in full force this weekend for emergency repairs.

County officials said they needed to respond quickly after this latest snow storm because of the increased safety risk to everyone on the road.

"Typically, we don't work on weekends unless there is a need for it. And obviously, this year, there has been a great need," Hennepin County Foreman Brent Weldon said. "We are hoping that the asphalt plants start to open up and produce asphalt on weekends. They did open the plants earlier this year than they have in the past because of the need."

Weldon said he hopes residents will be patient. The county said it is doing its best to patch the areas that could potentially cause the most harm to drivers.

"A lot of people are very frustrated. They share that with us as they drive by us. Like always, we want it to be a safe work environment for our employees," Weldon said. "We are out here trying to better these roads to make them a safe driving condition for you. So please be kind and courteous."

Later in the week, pavement crews will double check the holes filled this weekend to make sure the cold patch is still intact. If not, they will replace it with a stronger patching material that is permanent.

"This has been a pretty rough spring for us with the hard winter," Weldon said. "It has produced several potholes. Probably the worst we have seen in several years."