MINNEAPOLIS - Foam containers carry everything from coffee to takeout but one freshman Minneapolis City councilman wants them banned.

"They really can't be recycled, they're not good for the environment, they're a big source of litter and they're not good for your health," said councilman Andrew Johnson. "There are better alternatives out there."

If approved, Minneapolis would join more than 100 other cities -- most in California -- to ban polystyrene foam. Minneapolis would be the first Midwest city to ban the product.

The Minnesota Restaurant Association tells KARE 11, it will not stand in the way of a ban.

"If our guests prefer something other than plastic foam, we'll find it for them," said executive vice president Dan McElroy.

The big fast food and restaurant companies have already contacted him. Many have moved away from foam materials in recent years but are concerned about secondary materials containing polystyrene that are harder to replace.

"There isn't a good option for straws, drink lid covers or cutlery," said McElroy. "So we'll be carefully watching that."

McElroy would like to see the law limited to foam containers.

Johnson expressed support for that plan and plans to bring the issue before the Minneapolis City Council in the coming weeks.