MINNEAPOLIS -- The Twin Cities Hmong community celebrated its last Hmong American New Year at the Metrodome this weekend.

For the last 16 years around Christmas time thousands of Hmong have gathered at the Dome for a weekend of tradition.

"The first year here turned out pretty good," recalled Wa Thai Yang, an advisor and former chair of Hmong American New Year.

In the 90's organizers looked at several spaces in Minneapolis for the two-day event but ultimately chose the Dome because organizers felt that was the only space big enough to accommodate a growing Hmong population, according to Yang.

Yang said they are in talks with the Minneapolis Convention Center for next year's celebration but so far nothing has been confirmed.

The last celebration at the Dome drew in a huge crowd of 15,000 on Saturday alone. Demand was so high a web stream from the Hmong Broadcasting Company logged 5,000 people at one point, which crashed the website. By Sunday organizers had a new system up to handle the web traffic.