PLYMOUTH, Minn. -- As the front desk supervisor at Plymouth Residence Inn, Ray Cummings helps a lot of people, but this past Saturday, Ray helped save a life.

"I still can't believe that it happened," said Ray.

He had just started his shift when a hotel guest ran in to tell him someone was underwater in the hotel pool. Surveillance tape captured Ray running from the lobby, across the courtyard, and into the pool. There he found a little girl, about seven or eight years old, lying next to the water, her mother had pulled her out.

"I checked for breathing, she wasn't breathing, she was unconscious, so I basically straightened her out, cleared her airway, and started performing CPR," he says.

Ray was able to get her breathing again just as paramedics arrived on the scene. He helped carry the girl out into the courtyard where first responders began to work on her. Each one of them specifically trained for an instance just like this. That's what makes this rescue story so special. Ray has no CPR training. He says what he knows, he remembers from high school.

"I just knew the basics and I knew something needed to be done, because there is no time to waste really."

So, the man accustomed to helping others, can't help but be grateful that he was in the right place, at the right time Saturday.

"It feels good. I'm very glad I could help save a life and I'm glad that she's okay. That's the main thing," Ray says.

Though the hotel does not know the identity of the girl or her mom, Ray says someone called from the hospital to tell him that the girl was going to recover and be okay.