MINNEAPOLIS - The Humphrey Terminal at MSP International Airport was reopened shortly before 8:30 a.m. following an evacuated triggered by a suspicious package Friday morning.

That's not to say things are operating smoothly. The incident caused chaos in the terminal and on the roads leading to the airport, resulting in a massive backup of cars and passengers that could take hours to thin out.

An airport spokesperson says the package scare happened at terminal 2. A passenger was apparently trying to get through security with a package when a Southwest Airlines ticket agent told the woman the box would not be allowed.

A few moments later that package was found unattended and the decision was made to evacuate the ticketing lobby of terminal two while a bomb squad was called in. Authorities found a small propane tank inside.

KARE 11's Bryan Piatt says traffic backups triggered by the incident were so bad that people actually got out of vehicles and walked with their luggage in an effort to not miss their flights.