BENSON, Minn. - Things are back to normal at an elementary school in the city of Benson after a serious scare Tuesday morning.

The Swift County Sheriff's Department activated their crisis plan shortly after 8 a.m. after receiving reports that a kindergartener brought a gun to Northside Elementary School. Other students became aware of the firearm and immediately notified a teacher. The firearm was immediately seized and taken control of by staff and no one was harmed.

Benson Police Chief Ian Hodge says the kindergartener was about 5 years old and brought the gun to school to show a friend. Hodge says the gun was not discharged on school property.

The Benson School system and Swift County Law Enforcement

are assuring parents there was no intent by the child to cause harm and that everyone is safe. The crisis plan was followed and all proper authorities were alerted.

Northside Elementary continued with their normal school day. The Swift County Monitor-News reports that while the school district takes a "Zero Tolerance" position on the possession, use or distribution of weapons by students, the superintendent may use discretion in determining whether the student is disciplined.