CHISAGO COUNTY, Minn. - As the St. Croix River moves by the small town of Taylors Falls, there are some here worried about what may soon be moving through.

"It's going to be a mess," said Taylors Falls Mayor Mike Buchite.

In late April Mayor Buchite said he got an email from the North Branch city manager telling him about a frac sand company, Superior Silica Sands, that might set up shop in her city, but it would haul sand through his.

The sand is used for hydraulic fracturing that extracts oil and gas from the ground.

"They said they would start at approximately one truck every ten minutes. And depending on how things went, they were hoping to increase that to one truck every three minutes," he said when he spoke to the frac sand company.

He said it would go right through the heart of town, which can be congested with traffic and crowded with tourists.

"My concern is it could turn it into a ghost town, and that's unacceptable," he said.

But about 20 miles away in North Branch, neighbors who live near where Superior Silica Sands, based out of Texas, may set up its loading station aren't too happy either.

"All I know I don't want these trucks coming by my house, I don't want them coming by my neighbor's house," said Barbara Boelk who estimates she lives about 200 feet from where the plant may go.

But city administrator Bridgitte Konrad did not have time to talk on camera Thursday, but over the phone said so far all the city has signed is a letter of intent with the company and will begin to negotiate as soon as next week.

She said the company wants to break ground in the fall.

"We're not going to lay down," said Buchite.

Buchite and the city council sent a letter to North Branch asking city officials to at least press the Superior Silica Sands to reroute traffic away from Taylors Falls.

He said if they ignore he has spoken to the city attorney to see what other options Taylors Falls may have.

"I want it to be a positive solution, I'm not sure if that's possible," he said.

Superior Silica Sands did not return a phone message for comment.