BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - The destination for the Wass family from Wanamingo is Denver, Colorado.

“It’s much easier to not feel guilty about leaving and taking your kids out of school if they’ve got it off,” says Signe Wass as she gets her family checked in at Terminal 1.

Meanwhile, the Haider family from St. Paul is headed south to Nashville.

“This is the perfect time for us to get away and do something fun,” Theresa Haider says.

This perfect time to get away is making it the busiest week of the year for MSP International Airport, according to airport officials.

Melissa Scovronski, MSP International spokeswoman, says they expected 45,000 people to fly Wednesday between both terminals. That’s 10,000 more than a normal day.

“We’re full of families and kids, it’s great,” Scovronski says.

To keep all those kids entertained they even have face painters on site. The Minnesota Zoomobile is also set to make an appearance.

Since families sometimes take a little longer getting through security, the airport recommends getting to the airport a couple hours before your flight over the long weekend.

“I know, maybe some of the business travelers have a little difficulty with it, but it’s only a couple of days,” Scovronski says. “It’s fun to see the energy inside the terminal.”

On top off a boost in travelers, four new gates are set to open in Terminal 2 on Thursday, after a large renovation project. The new gates will be serviced by Sun Country and Southwest Airlines.