MINNEAPOLIS – Another of the 10, young Minnesota Somali men charged with trying to join ISIS pleaded guilty Thursday. He became the fourth man to plead to federal charges in the case.

Abdirizak Warsame, 20, of Eagan, pleaded guilty before Judge Michael Davis in Minneapolis U.S. District Court. Warsame was charged with conspiring to provide material support to a terrorist organization, in this case, ISIS.

He faces a sentence of up to 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Outside the courthouse, Sadik Wafa, Global Somali Diaspora, praised the American justice system, but repeated his frustration with plea deals, rather than trials, in the cases.

“We are 100 percent against any terrorism against any human being,” said Warfa. “We just repeat again that our community, we just want fairness. We want justice and what we are hoping that is that when this case begins, when the trial starts in May, that all the facts will come out.”

Earlier, on Thursday morning, Judge Davis held a pretrial “motions” hearing for four other defendants in the alleged terrorism case. Hamza Ahmed, Adman Farah, Abdirahman Daud and Guled Omar wanted to have some of the charges dismissed on the grounds that they have “combatant immunity”, but Davis rejected that motion.

They are charged with Conspiring to commit murder as well as the material support to ISIS conspiracy.

The next motions hearing is set for April 26, with the trial to begin on May 9. Outside the courthouse, two of the defendants’ mothers spoke, along with an Imam, who translated for the comments made in Somali.

“She says that she believes that he (an FBI informant) was lying because she say like the government was after him,” translated Imam Hassan Mohamud of the Islamic Dawah Center of St. Paul. He was translating for Farhiyo Mohamed, Mother of Abdiraham Daud. “That is number one. So, to have agreement with the government. Whatever he had and at the same time he was paid, He (the informant) made it up, what he did, to arrest our kids.”

Ayan Farah, mother of defendants Mohammed, 22, and Adnan, 19, Farah, said (through Mohamud) “We will fight until we get justice and we will never be tired to fight for the rights of our kids. One informant came out and there are others. Some are Somalis, some are not Somalis. We will find out how their information affected our kids.”