GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - A resident in the United Arab Emirates has been arrested for coming to the aid of a University of Minnesota graduate.

Shezzane Cassim, 29, a Woodbury native, has been behind bars for more than eight months after the government there accused him of a cyber crime for a video he posted on YouTube.

Cassim will be back in court on Monday for a hearing, but in response to the arrest, activists say freedom of expression in U-A-E is regressing and that is putting people's rights in jeopardy.

"Every country has international commitments with regards to human rights, basic human rights, and freedom of expression is part of the that human rights," said Ahmed Mansoor, supporter of jailed Minnesota native.

Federal lawmakers and even celebrities have tried to convince the U-A-E to free Cassim, but so far the government has refused to release him and his four friends.