MINNEAPOLIS - A miraculous survivor can be expected to do the unexpected.

Sixteen-month-old Musa Dayib is that survivor and on Thursday night when his family gathered at the Brian Coyle Center in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood to answer questions about how their son survived an 11 story fall from the family's apartment balcony last month Musa crawled straight for the cameras with a smile.

One month ago, nearly to the day, Musa was playing in his 11th floor Cedar Riverside apartment when he crawled out onto the balcony and slid through the railings falling 11 stories and landing only by inches on a pile of mulch.

His mother on that night of Mother's Day screamed in horror.

"It was a day of celebration which turned out to become a tragic day but now she is quite happy that she is holding her child who is showing that he has done a lot of remarkable progress," family interpreter Mohamud Noor said.

The fall that should have taken Musa's life proved only to break his right wrist, some ribs, and his left arm.

Now all that remains is a cut on the back of his head and Musa isn't the wiser, he's just behaving the way 16-month-old boys do and enjoying his moment in the media spotlight.

"We thank God for the blessings he has given us and that's Musa," Noor said.

The community came out Thursday to Brian Coyle to celebrate the second chance of this little boy with a benefit dinner.

Anyone that would still like to donate can do so at any Wells Fargo bank branch, just ask for the Musa Dayib benefit fund.