MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Minnesota is getting $47 million in settlement funds over Volkswagen's emissions cheating scandal.

The automaker admitted many of its diesel cars used software that allowed them to show false results.

A group of Minnesota DFL Lawmakers submitted a letter last week to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency on how they think the money should be used to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions.

State Representative Fue Lee, who represents north Minneapolis, is among them.

“This amount of money coming in will really help with regards to environmental health,” Lee says.

The letter says they money should go towards heavily populated areas that are most exposed to diesel exhaust, and should help populations that are especially sensitive to poor air quality. The letter sites a report by the MPCA and Minnesota Department of Health that says those populations include “people of color, elderly residents, children with uncontrolled asthma and people living in poverty.”

Lee says he hears concerns about air quality from people in north Minneapolis. “That's probably one of the top issues, along with education and public safety that comes up,” Lee says. “These are issues that folks are facing on a daily basis.”

The letter also recommends spending money on public charging stations for electric vehicles.

Lee says the MPCA's public comment period ended last week, but it's not known when the agency will make a decision about how the money will be spent.

To view the full letter written by DFL lawmakers click here.