OSSEO, Minn. – Inside stores that sell snowmobiles, it's really what's outside that matters.

"This winter has been awesome," says Brandon Tolliver, manager at Heinen's Motorsports in Osseo.

Minnesota has been hit with round after round of winter weather this season. It started early and has stuck around. Currently the state is seeing snowpack nearly two feet thick.

"Normally we're full of snowmobiles," says Tolliver. "This year we're cleaned out and waiting for a mid-season delivery."

Winter can sometimes be slow and unpredictable, but this year has been big for the bottom line.

"We're up 30 to 40 percent this year compared to last. It's totally a weather thing."

At Tonka Cycle and Ski, it's the same story.

"When it's good weather, business is good," says store manager Nick Milton. "The only negative this year has been the cold."