MINNEAPOLIS - Guadalupe Galeno-Hernandez was just 12-years-old when she was randomly shot by a gang member while walking down the street in Minneapolis.

Four years later, nothing makes her smile more than being around her family. But the shooting has left her unable to comfort her crying nephew. That's because the shooting left her paralyzed.

Today, she attends physical therapy twice a week. Her goal is to be able to shower, walk and brush her hair with no help.

Her family said when the shooting first happened, doctors told her she would never be able to talk. So far, she's showing her fight.

"I remember just like saying, 'Why me? Why did this happen to me?'" she recalled being the first sentence she spoke. "I used to have a lot of anger, but I really can't do nothing about it, so I just let it pass."

One of the bullets is still lodged in her spinal cord. After multiple surgeries and rehab, she is still making progress.

Saturday, she was honored at BMO Harris Bank. The same location where a fund has been set up to help her family with mounting medical expenses. And for the first time, she got a chance to say thank you to one of the doctors who saved her life.

Following the shooting, her family had to move to a home which is wheelchair accessible. But once inside, the 16-year-old still has a tough time getting her wheelchair through the doorway leading to the bathroom and other rooms.

"There are days when I just want to give up," she said.

But she won't quit because her future depends on what she does now. She is determined to hold her nephew while standing.

"I know I am going to get better. I know there is going to be a miracle for me to walk. "

To donate to Lupe's fund which will cover medical bills, go to any BMO Harris Bank and mention her fund.