MINNEAPOLIS - The Chabad at the University of Minnesota says a student discovered Nazi graffiti in a campus dorm on Wednesday.

A swastika with the words “Nazis Rule” was drawn on a whiteboard inside a Jewish student’s dorm room. The drawing also depicted a Nazi death camp.

"We have been in touch with the student who was targeted, and while he is shaken, he has shown remarkable resilience," said U of M Chabad co-director Rabbi Yitzi Steiner.

"The fact that this sort of hatred exists on our campus is unacceptable and is obviously a troubling issue that threatens the open dialogue and diversity that makes U of M such a special campus," he added. "I was happy to see the faculty’s quick, proactive responses to the incidents and have spoken to numerous Jewish students who were looking for ways to combat the issue."

Steiner says this incident follows an anti-Semitic message on campus Jan. 20th when a swastika was drawn in the snow at the practice football field.