NORTHFIELD, Minn. -- Kim Barnes is feeling a little better on Tuesday, but three days earlier she experienced the "worst two minutes of her life."

It was an accident in her own driveway that lead to her rescuing her daughter from a pond.

"It was just a freak accident," says Kim.

On Friday, Kim was set to take her daughter to school when she realized she left something inside the house. She put the car in neutral and ran inside. Kim was gone just a few seconds when she realized she couldn't hear the car running and that she had forgotten to set the emergency brake.

"I ran out here and by the time I got out here it was going over the cliff into the pond," says Kim.

The car had rolled down the drive, across the street, jumped the curb, missed a tree, went through the weeds and landed in the pond. Without even batting an eye, Kim did the same thing, running clothes and all into the water.

"Her window was open, which was a good thing and she was screaming for me and obviously I was screaming for her," says Kim.

The two got out, a little frightened but no worse for the wear.

"Once I had her, everything was good. I had her. She was fine. I was fine," she says.

The car, however, suffered a different fate. It is totaled.

As luck would have it the worst two minutes of Kim's life will be some of the last memories she'll have at this house.

"They were actually pulling the car out and pounding the for sale sign in at the same time. I've had neighbors saying, "You don't have to move, it was just an accident," Kim says as she laughs. Something that hasn't been easy to do over this situation.

Kim says it's the one and only time she has forgotten the emergency brake and it's not a mistake she'll ever make again. From now on, she says, she'll just shut the car off.

The new house by the way is on two acres and there's not a single pond on the property.