NORTHFIELD, Minn. -- David Greer took Post-Secondary Enrollment Options, PSEO, to a whole new level by graduating with a high school diploma and statistics degree from the University of Minnesota-Morris.

"It was a fun challenge," Greer said.

The home-schooler used PSEO to earn his associate degree in 11th grade.

Then this year, at 17 years old, used PSEO to enroll fulltime at the University of Minnesota Morris.

"By the time he was in kindergarten he was reading chapter books," Stacey Greer, his mom said.

While the brains where there his parents admit applying it took time.

"He was clearly bright but not extremely motivated. I think he just realized one day that, 'Hey I think I can get this done really fast,' and he became totally motivated and just took off and ran with it and we just got out of the way," Bryan Greer, David's dad, said.

"I figured out the more quickly I could get through it (school) and get on with my life, get a job…you know, that's the best way to do it," David said.

While some of people thought he was crazy David said more admired him, especially ones that paved the way.

"My grandma did the same thing when she was my age," he said.

While their success may be considered an anomaly the formula never fails.

"Study hard, pray hard, work hard," he said.

The graduate is now looking for an actuary job so if you need someone who can work fast David may be your guy.