MINNEAPOLIS-- Are you ready to step up your recycling game to the next level? The City of Minneapolis sure hopes so.

"We're looking for dedicated residents that want to commit to the organics program," says David Herberholz, the Director of Solid Waste and Recycling in Minneapolis.

The organics program has been a pilot up until this point, but starting this fall, it will be offered to 25% of residents. The second phase of the rollout will include everyone else and will happen next spring. Residents may have noticed a jump of just over $3 in their bills starting in January. That's how this program is being paid for, so there is no "extra" charge to opt-in. You do have to sign up for the program. It's the only way the city will drop off a green bin.

"That will give us the information we need to purchase carts, set up routes and make it as efficient as we possibly can," says Herberholz.

The green bins, or carts, will be collected every week, the same day as your trash. They will be taken to a transfer station and later be turned into compost. Why do it? It's a chance to help the environment and compost without having to compost in your own yard.

"We can take meat, bones, cheese, food product that you wouldn't want to put in your backyard compost pile," he says.

They also take items you might be incorrectly tossing in the recycling pin, like pizza boxes and egg cartons.

There is plenty more information about the program on the city's website. You can find out which phase you are in, sign up for the organics program and see which items can be composted too.