GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.- It's a story no parent wants to ever tell, let alone re-live and re-tell over and over again... the death of their own child.

That is exactly what one father from Byron, Minnesota is doing in hopes that what happened to his daughter won't happen to anyone else.

"At the moment of impact, Deej was composing a text message and she hit the back of a stopped school bus," said Matt Logan, a witness to the aftermath of his daughter's final moments. "I saw a whole slew of emergency vehicles, I could plainly see a school bus, and they were working at the back of that school bus, but what I couldn't see was what or who was involved," Matt said.

His daughter's first day of senior year was also her last, because of one bad choice she made.

"She made a bad choice and we all do, we all make bad choices," said Matt. "That choice changed the entire course of a family and I want to make sure I do what I can for her so that doesn't happen again."

Matt has now spoken at hundreds of schools across the state of Minnesota in hopes his daughter's story will remind everyone just how dangerous distracted driving can be.

Matt tells us it doesn't matter if he reaches thousands or tens of thousands of people, the hope is even if his daughter's story just reaches one person... if one person can change their behavior it's worth it because the alternative could change a family forever.

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