EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. - For a group of parents who live off Eden Prarie Road the bus stop is a stressful place.

"Well, my son was almost hit twice," said Jessica Oehrlein, an Eden Prairie parent.

"It's frustrating. I just wish people would follow the law," said Renae Conlee, another Eden Prairie parent.

The speed limit is 45 miles-per-hour, but these parents say drivers tend to go faster. They also tend to ignore the school bus stop arm...passing on the left and the right.

"It's a really busy road and it's really scary keeping them all together and away from the traffic and we need people to do their part," Oehrlein said.

The parents have video of drivers refusing to stop. In one clip, you can hear the bus driver honk when it happens. They say it keeps happening. They've tried yelling at drivers who don't want to stop... and say that doesn't seem to be appreciated.

"Yep, we've been flipped off,"Oehrlein said.

"Oh, I've been told I'm "number-one" several times," Conlee added.

Eden Prarie school bus.

And since it's up to the bus driver to report the offenders, it can be very hard to catch them.

"Sometimes they don't get the license plate right. Sometimes they can't see the driver. So it's a tough spot for them to be in, and they do a good job with the information they have," said Sgt. Peter Vosbeek of the Eden Prairie Police Department.

Police say they try to show presence at a bus stop for a couple weeks after receiving a complaint, to try and change driver habits. The school district moved this bus stop a block down Eden Prairie Road, where a curb now prevents drivers from passing on the right.

But these moms are still asking for some common sense from drivers on the road.

"When you see those flashing lights, its not 'lets get around it as fast as we can, it's 'wow, there are little kids here, I need to stop my car,'" Conlee said.