ST. PAUL, Minn. – People continue to enter a closed area of Lilydale Regional Park despite signs indicating that the trail is closed.

The trail runs from Cherokee Heights Road to the area where a landslide killed two children in May 2013.

KARE 11 found a large hold in the chain link fence at the entrance to the Bruce Vento View Trail on Thursday. A city spokesperson said Thursday that Parks and Recreation workers check the fences daily; however, the fence remained broken on Friday.

A worker told KARE 11's Allen Costantini on Friday that he was not aware of the hole in the fence and suggested that Costantini "should make a report" about it. A report about the hole had been aired in a newscast on Thursday.

At about 4 p.m., park officials used plastic cable ties to temporarily close the hole in the fence. The city said it will look at a more permanent repair over the weekend.

The city spokesperson declined an on-camera interview Friday, but issued a statement reading:

"Millions of people visit our park system each year and enjoy the beauty of the water, woods and paths. While the vast majority o fLilydale Park is open and accessible to the public, we understand it is frustrating for park-goers to not have access to the fossil grounds and brickyard areas, which remain closed.

"When it comes to the future of the park, we are moving forward thoughtfully and expeditiously. Our first priority as we consider whether or not to reopen the park is to ensure public safety. To that end, we have engaged an engineering firm to complete a study of the restricted areas and are also in touch with park and recreation experts from across the country. Later this year, we will have more details on the specific plans for reopening the portion of the park that remains closed.

"In terms of the currently restricted area of the park, temporary fencing and signage is in place to alert people to the dangers should they enter the area that remains closed. Park and recreation staff check the fencing and signage on a daily basis to ensure that any breaches are repaired and signage remains intact. If people choose to ignore the warnings,they proceed at their own risk and also risk arrest and ticketing for trespassing."

A spokesperson for the St. Paul Police Department said there have been no arrests at the closed section of Lilydale Park.