ST. PAUL, Minn. - Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton is requesting that a new law enforcement training fund be named in memory of Philando Castile.

On July 6, 2016, Castile was shot to death by Officer Jeronimo Yanez in Falcon Heights. Yanez was acquitted of manslaughter last month.

This past legislative session, Minnesota lawmakers set aside $12 million to train police in working with diverse communities. Dayton says he hopes the fund will help improve police relations with citizens of all colors and wants it named the "Philando Castile Law Enforcement Training Fund."

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"Philando Castile's life was tragically cut short one year ago today. I believe it is imperative that the leaders in our state's ever-more-diverse communities and in their law enforcement organizations commit, or recommit, themselves to making changes together that will lead toward better relationships among law enforcement officers and members of the communities," Dayton said.

"This isn't about my son anymore, this is about the next generation of children," said Valerie Castile, Philando's mother. "We need to treat each other better. We should love one another."

Dayton also named Castile's uncle, Clarence Castile, to the Peace Officer Standards and Training Board. The 15-member board, among other things, determines law enforcement training requirements.