STACY, Minn. - Right now, there are less pros with propane and a lot more cons.

That's because there is currently a nationwide propane shortage and Minnesotans are feeling the squeeze.

"We've had to reevaluate our budgets to see how this will work," says Melissa Doll who lives in rural Stacy. "It's basically doubled."

The Doll family spent $1.40 per gallon of propane last winter, but this year it's around $2.40. It means it costs about $14 per day to heat their home.

The shortage is due to the recent cold snap that gripped much of the country. Propane was also heavily used during a cool, wet fall when farmers across the country used it to dry out their crops.

"This problem is extending from the Midwest to the East Coast," explains Roger Leider, the executive director of the Minnesota Propane Association. "The biggest problem we're seeing is people trying to heat their homes."

Leider says the last shortage came in 2009, but this one is worse. In fact, nearly half the states in the U.S. have issued some exemptions for propane drivers, according to the National Propane Gas Association's website.

"Homeowners should try to use less when they can," he says. "But mild temperatures will really help, too."

For those looking for information about energy assistance, contact the Minnesota Community Action partnership.