ST. PAUL, Minn. - After years of work, "The People's House" is restored and ready to shine for the public. It's the first comprehensive preservation of the Capitol building since it was completed in 1905.

A grand opening celebration is happening Friday through Sunday, which includes tours and events for families.
A list of the events can be found here:

Popular sights to see include: the gold quadriga, outdoor balcony with views of downtown St. Paul, the Rathskeller and the Supreme Court chambers and deliberation room.

"This restoration is about the people of Minnesota and making it a place for the people of Minnesota for the next 100 years," said Matt Massman, Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Administration.

Visitors can also find more information on the Capitol restoration and grand opening festivities with a new mobile app called "My MN Capitol," available as a free download on Apple and Android devices.