MAPLE GROVE, Minn. -- Dozens of Maple Grove residents gathered at a city council meeting Monday night, asking member LeAnn Sargent to step down after she served time in the work house for raiding her ailing father's bank accounts.

"My own son, 14-years-old, asked me why council member Sargent is still allowed to serve when she stole over $100,000 from a family member," said Maple Grove resident Joe Piket.

Speaker after speaker dressed down Sargent who pleaded guilty to taking money from the accounts of her father.

"Please do the right thing and resign. If you don't, we're prepared for a protracted public battle," said Dave Lunt.

Only one person offered support saying, "You have served Maple grove for 23 years on the council, that matters," said Mary Pieri.

Nathan Brunner retorted, "The fact that you go to church and you raise kids, took care of your father, that doesn't matter. I don't go to church but I don't steal money from people."

Sargent found no support from fellow council members who affirmed an earlier vote to censure Sargent and ask for her resignation.

"If one of our police officers commits this crime, your crime, they should expect to be fired," said council member Erik Johnson.

Sargent remained silent during the council meeting and declined to speak with KARE. However, she then had words with fellow council member Erik Johnson, who could be heard saying, "I don't steal. Don't talk to me again."

Johnson said later Sargent had tried to talk to him about his home building business, which failed during the recession.

She wants people to know I had a bankruptcy," said Johnson. "It's a world of difference between her and I."