OSAKIS, Minn. - Timing is everything. For a number of people in the Osakis Public School this past Tuesday, being in the right place at the right time is the difference between life and death. At the "heart" of it all is the woman who revived Santa Claus and saved Christmas in the process.

This past May, Dan Wessel suffered a heart attack while umping a softball game in Wadena. He was lucky enough to have 3 trained responders at the ballpark that day who managed to save his life.

On Tuesday, December 17th, Dan relied on quick-thinking and cool heads to save his life again. This time he suffered a cardiac arrest while walking through the halls of the school; right after spending some time as Santa for the District's pre-school and ECFE kids. Dan says he hit the back of his head when he fell.

School administrators credit the actions of some incredible young people for getting help to the scene within seconds after it happened, and for the nurse who was able to bring Wessel back to life. Although the district does not name the young lady who saw Wessel collapse in the hall, she is said to be a high school junior. Another young man (with significant first responder training) was also credited with assisting, and a third young person, a very recent Osakis graduate, showed up with the Osakis First Responders group.