ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. -- Empty classrooms won't necessarily translate to empty heads for Benilde St. Margaret High School students Monday.

If classes are canceled due to extreme cold, school work will continue on the Haiku online interface students already use.

"Traditionally, this instruction happens face-to-face, where kids are in the same room with the teachers, in the same lab with the teachers," Susan Skinner, the private school's principal told KARE.

"And this just seems like a natural progression; if you can't physically be in the same room at the same time, why not be online at the same time?"

The school, like most others in Minnesota, has seen an unprecedented three "cold-out" days this year, due to the polar vortex and the accompanying dangerous wind chill factors. That's why Skinner wants to make Monday an instructional day, even if classes are canceled.

Skinner won't make the official call until Sunday night, but she asked her students to hit their lockers on the way out of the building Friday, and to take home everything they'd expect to use if they were physically at school Monday.

"I grabbed my math text book, math notebook, debate notebook, psychology notebook, basically all of my notebooks," Megan Katopodis, a senior, told KARE.

The school supplies all the students with laptops, a vital instructional tool they use to complete and submit assignments and communicate with teachers. That's why the students were also told to grab their laptops and their chargers that go with them.

"We receive our emails and our Haiku database on the laptops, which allows us to get onto each of our classes," Molly Kopp, a Benilde St. Margaret senior explained.

If school's called off for cold, teachers will email assignments on Monday morning. And rather than the optional holiday assignments of the past, this work will really be due on Tuesday.

"It'll be different. I mean I won't be in the school mentality like I normally am, but I'll be able to sit down in my dining room and just crank out the homework as needed," Dan Hogan, another senior, told KARE.

Molly Kopp said she'd probably sleep in a little, but would force herself to get into gear at some point Monday.

"I'll get the day started going with a good breakfast, and then I'm literally probably going to have to sit myself down on my kitchen table or somewhere where I can be not distracted," she said.

Megan Katopodis said she would probably mix some fun into the chore.

"It'll be definitely more relaxed. We'll probably all be at home watching Netflix while we do it, but that's okay!"