SHOREVIEW, Minn. -- One of the greatest things about kids is that they dream big.

Jet Feirn, 9, is a great example of that because 15 months ago his mom told him he and his idol, Shaun White, had something more in common than just a love for snowboarding.

Kerry Feirn told her son White suffered from the same heart defect that Jet battled.

Kerry said she did that so her son would know he too could dream big when it came to snowboarding, because, Shaun White was able to do just that with the same disease.

Jet's response? He wrote Shaun a letter.

In February, Jet still hadn't heard back, which he didn't understand, so KARE 11 did a story during the Olympics, highlighting the letter and hoping maybe, through the power of social media, White would see it.

Well, a viewer did us one better.

Troy Michels, of Litchfield, saw the story and had a connection to White so he reached out to reporter Jana Shortal and she gave him a copy of Jet's letter.

Michels then made sure it got to White and on Tuesday, White wrote back in a big way.

Jet and his family went to a movie on Tuesday and when they got home there were big boxes on the front step.

Shaun White had sent Jet and autographed snowboard, helmet, goggles, a backpack and a poster.

And when we asked Jet if he liked it, he just looked at that snowboard, gave it a kiss and said, "Thanks, Shaun White."