ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Like many people, Angela Deeney doesn't always like the reflection when she looks in the mirror.

"I am my own worst critic. I'm a perfectionist," she said. "I am just ready to be free from that."

Freedom for the 21-year-old St. Thomas student starts with the Lenten season. She is making a big sacrifice.

"I won't be looking in the mirror or at any reflective surfaces for 40 days," she said. "Forty days of no mirrors. Forty days to redefine beauty."

Deeney said the inspiration came earlier this year when she studied in Venezuela and was forced to practice simplicity. During the three week tour she didn't wear makeup.

As she tackles the challenge, Deeney will journal about her discoveries and post revelations on her blog.

She's already started to convert her room.

She painted her favorite bible verse, Peter 3:4, on the back of the mirror that hangs above her dresser. The verse describes beauty.

It is what she will look at every morning.

Deeney, who has multiple interviews in the coming weeks, said she will depend on friends to tell her if something is out of place.

"That is where the other comes in. Do you have a friend you can trust to tell you how you look?" she said, hoping if mascaras is on her nose someone will let her know.

Deeney has the rearview mirror in her vehicle positioned so she doesn't see her reflection. She plans to hang a picture of children in the bathroom she shares with five women.

She knows it will be a challenge but she embraces the journey. And she would love it, if others followed her lead.

"I'm excited to see what I will discover about myself and what beauty means," she said. "The temporary sacrifice can't compare to what will be the result."

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