ID=9360853ID=9342185MINNEAPOLIS -- Minneapolis has plenty to celebrate after being named the host of Super Bowl LII.

"It's going to be the center point of the event for sure. The game is here, the pregame is here, Nicollet Mall will be Super Bowl Boulevard," says Minneapolis Downtown Council President and CEO, Steve Cramer.

The city will have plenty to show off too. The new stadium, of course, as well as Downtown East, a new Nicollet Mall and a renovated Target Center.

"Most of those big projects are scheduled to be completed in 2016 and so we'll have a couple of years to make sure everything is in good working order," says Cramer.

Minneapolis may be the hub, but make no mistake, this is a regional event. About 100,000 people are expected to attend and will need to stay in hotels and eat in restaurants outside of the city. New light rail makes connecting St. Paul and Bloomington to Minneapolis a breeze, so those cities will see a big boost in the hospitality industry.

"You'll see some overtime, those who get tipped, who are in tipped positions, will see generous tips we believe, others will see more work, other opportunities to put in more hours," says Dan McElroy, President and CEO of Hospitality Minnesota.

Taxis, limousines, caterers and retailers, it's not just the big businesses that will benefit. But how much money are we talking about? No one really seems to know.

"I've heard many different estimates ranging from $50 million to a half a billion, and I don't know what the number is, but it just stands to reason that the tens of thousands of people coming to our community, who wouldn't be coming on February 4, 2018, spending money, there's going to be a positive economic benefit," says Steve Cramer.