MINNEAPOLIS-- With their flashy propaganda videos and growing presence on social media terror group ISIS has been able to recruit at least 100 people from the Unites States, including some Minnesotans, according to the FBI.

"We have been privy to some videos which have directly targeted youths here in Minneapolis and the quality of the videos have improved extensively," Loven said.

Al-shabaab, another terrorist group, has produced videos featuring well known Minnesota landmarks. Loven says they targeted messages are working. An estimated 20-25 Minnesotans have left to fight for al-shabaab and a handful have left to join ISIS, including Robbinsdale Cooper high school graduate Douglas McCain.

To counter the recruitment the FBI works with local law enforcement and community leaders to keep the most vulnerable out of the hands of extremists. Groups like Ka Joog, a Minneapolis non-profit aimed at engaging Somali youth, have been vital in the fight against terrorism.