MINNEAPOLIS – Recovery crews will resume the search Friday for any victims in the rubble of a deadly fire in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood.

Firefighters found a body Thursday afternoon when crews started tearing the building down where an explosion and fire destroyed a grocery store and apartments earlier this week.

"Just not knowing is pretty tough," said Farah Ali, 27.

Ali still doesn't know if his father is dead or alive. He maybe two of the missing people believed to have been in the building at the time of the fire.

Ali's father is Ahmed Ali. They haven't spoken for a few years, but when he heard of the fire he and his brother went searching for him at area hospitals.

"It was frustrating really. I called a few hospitals and to see if they had a patient by that name there and each one told me no," he said.

He believes the other man that is missing, MriMri Jana Farah, was staying with his father at the apartment building.

Family members believe the two were living together on the third floor.

Ali's cousin, Omer Abdi Nur is still hopeful for good news.

"Until I see him with my eyes, I won't believe he's still there," said Nur about the building.

He describes his cousin as generous, gentle and kind.

The family said officials told them at this point, the only way to identify the body found Thursday will be through dental records because of the body's condition.

"If anything happens, this is from God. I mean, we will grieve, but we can't help," said Nur.