Mother Nature serves up all kinds of spectacular visuals, but a clip making the rounds on Facebook is especially crazy.

Question is, is it legit?

A number of KARE 11 viewers have emailed or messaged regarding the video, which purportedly shows a bolt of lightning striking the surface of a river and causing a small tsunami. Donna Strain sent us an email that reads "I have seen several posts regarding a lightning hit on a river resulting in the water appearing to explode. Is this even possible?"

So we decided to put it to the VERIFY test. KARE 11 producer Rieta Buttaro went through the video, posted with a caption that reads "lightning strikes a river," and could plainly see that the so-called lightning strike comes from a nearby hill, and not the sky. A quick search of YouTube reveals the video was actually posted by a construction company in Finland, with a publish date of December 20, 2012. The footage documents a project that involved widening a channel with a large explosive charge.

So there you have it. The post claiming to capture an amazing natural phenomena is completely bogus.


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