Merriam-Webster defines Verify as a transitive verb that means to establish the truth, accuracy, or reality of something.

That definition, in a nutshell, is what KARE 11's new VERIFY initiative is all about. You may have noticed in the past few weeks a number of stories that have been broadcast and digitally posted under the VERIFY heading, -- a page dedicated to VERIFY stories and topics can be found at

So what is VERIFY? It is a process where KARE 11 will fact-check stories that are already out and being discussed by the pubic on social media, websites and other media outlets. Through VERIFY KARE 11 will determine whether a story or claim is true or false. VERIFY can examine claims made by politicians and newsmakers, get to the bottom of viral stories, pictures and videos, determine the legitimacy of sports rumors and clarify details of news that is breaking.

What VERIFY will not do is address topics based on opinion that cannot be proved as true or false, fact-check using third party sources or test consumer products.

Each VERIFY story you see on KARE 11 News broadcasts, or read at will clearly list expert sources we found and interviewed to determine whether a story is true, false or somewhere in-between. There will also be a link found at the bottom of each VERIFY story posted at where readers and viewers can share a story or claim that they want VERIFIED. Viewers can also email KARE 11 at

At KARE 11, we feel the building blocks VERIFY is constructed on are already woven into the fabric of our newsroom: finding trusted sources, asking the right questions, and delivering answers to our viewers and readers in a clear and unbiased way. It's how we approach the news every day, but in these times where mistrust of the media is on public display, and politicians and newsmakers regularly talk about "fake news," it's an attempt to make the process transparent.