BURNSVILLE, Minn. - This was not the place they wanted to be but on this night, it was where hundreds from the Burnsville High School student body had to be.

The family of Ty Alyea struggled to take in the loss of their son who died in a roll over single car crash last night on Highway 52.

Ty was a passenger of an SUV with three of his closest friends, all also Burnsville High Students, when it rolled heading northbound shortly before 10 p.m.

Ty and another student, Cole Borchardt, were not belted in and they were ejected from the vehicle.

The other two teens, Matthew Berger and Ty Procko, were belted in and are recovering from their injuries at Regions Hospital.

Borchardt has undergone more than one surgery, according to Alyea's father, and is also at Regions Hospital.

Ty Alyea's parents and his three siblings struggled to absorb their pain at a vigil for their son at BHS Thursday night and they also struggled to mourn with hundreds of Ty's classmates who came to mourn as one.

"You just sit back and you think it's not going to happen," Jim Mylander, Ty's Uncle said, through tears.

Ty was a star baseball player for Burnsville, he would have been a Senior this fall.

That fact that Ty wasn't wearing a seat belt Wednesday night is painful for Ty's family's to accept but they want it to be a cautionary tale for everyone who will listen.

"Please make sure the occupants are buckled in, or don't drive until they are," Greg Alyea, Ty's dad, told the crowd of teens at the vigil.

Ty's mother remembered what she knows ever mom out there knows all too well; the tough love of a teenage boy.

"I won't forget every time I would mouth the words I love you he would give me a grin, I know that mom (he would say), every time," Lori Alyea recalled.

The same kind of memory came as well to Ty's dad.

"On the way out the door I would say hey Ty, get his attention and he would turn around and would say, I know you love me," his dad said grinning.

And as much as tonight was about Ty, Greg Alyea knew the three boys who were hurt in the crash needed the support of all of them.

"If they can hear me at all you guys hang in there, we are praying for you all," Greg Alyea said.

Ty Alyea played baseball for the Burnsville Cobras, the city's American Legion Team. Baseball Association 191 has set up a fund at Anchor Bank that will receive donations for Ty's family. Donations can be sent or dropped off at any Anchor Bank and checks should be made payable to: The Family of Ty Alyea.