MINNEAPOLIS - Tired of winter, you're not alone and there are physiological and psychological reasons why this is so.

"We know that the number one treatment for depression is exercise," said Dr. Jenna Bemis, psychologist.

"And so just by getting out and getting active you do your mood a good boost."

Any boost is compromised when you spend your days in front of computer screen and then head home and spend your nights on the couch.

Bemis said there's a reason why winter enthusiasts appear more energized than others, put simply, they are. A simple outdoor activity can help to kick in chemicals all over the body that help improve mood.

Contrast that with a person who had a long commute, tough day at the office and it seems like it takes all the energy they have just to calm down for a good night's sleep.

"A lot of our mood is what we're telling ourselves," explained Dr. Bemis. "We might have this tape running over and over that says I can't take this another day, another snow storm, dealing with traffic, dealing with school closings, getting your kids snow pants on, all of that becomes an added stress."

That stress sends an entirely different signal and has a different chemical breakdown in the body, which brings you down.

Thank goodness for spring albeit a little later than sooner.

"Just get out," Dr. Bemis advised. "There's going to be a little blip and we're going to have snow, if you don't want to deal with the snow get out the days before and after."