MINNEAPOLIS - The young Minneapolis boy who sneaked through airport security and onto a plane bound for Las Vegas has been permanently reunited with his family after spending months in foster care.

The Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman's Office announced Friday afternoon that the boy is no longer under the jurisdiction of the court after a final hearing held Tuesday. Hennepin County District Court Judge Joseph Klein noted that the boy had been living with his parents and siblings since May 30, that he had made good progress and the parents had been cooperative with social workers and outside help.

The boy will continue to receive various counseling services through the family's insurance.

"This is good news," Freeman said in a written statement. "The young man and his family and the 'system' worked together to try to resolve the issues that made him run in the first place. Congratulations to all."

The boy was just nine years old when he managed to board the airplane in early October without a ticket. Delta flight attendants became suspicious during the flight and authorities met the boy when the plane landed in Las Vegas.

A Child in Need of Protection and Services (CHIPS) petition was filed by the Hennepin County Attorney's Office when the boy returned to Minnesota, to bring the child and his parents under court supervision. The young man was placed in a facility outside of the Twin Cities where counselors worked with his behavioral problems and his parents also participated in counseling.