MINNEAPOLIS - The landmark Macy's store in downtown Minneapolis is Sunday. The location is home to a shopping legacy that spanned decades.

For weeks, KARE 11 has shown viewers the impending closure signs outside of the store and the final day of operations for iconic eateries Skyroom and the Oak Grill.

Now, much of the store is condensed to a few floors of shopping. The first floor is mostly cleared out with makeup counters empty and the shoe department is empty. There is still some jewelry for sale at a deep discount and rugs for sale.

On the second floor, the skyway level, there are still racks of clothes for sale.

Also for sale, the props and mannequins that were used for decades during various shows and Christmas displays on the 8th floor. Bob Davis bought some of them, which he said will be used at the Renaissance Festival.

"It's kind of sad for what it was," said Davis. "I mean, it's the end of an era."

The nostalgia is also felt by Linda McGraw, who worked at the downtown Dayton's store from 1969-71, right after she graduated high school.

"You were excited to go to work because the people, the management, they treated you like somebody," said McGraw. She added that she is hopeful that the new owners will treat the building with respect and turn it into something with quality.

The iconic retail gathering place has sat in downtown Minneapolis for more than a century. Most of its life was Dayton's, until 2001, when it became Marshall Field's. In 2006 it became Macy's.

People will remember the Christmas displays and the flower shows, especially Minnesotans. McGraw said the building will always be Dayton's to her because it was a place that had a feeling of home.

"It wasn't just a store, it wasn't just a retail place. It was warmth," said McGraw.

The store is open on Sunday until 6 p.m.

The building was recently sold for $59 million and the developer, 601 W Companies, plans to turn it into a mixed-use space.