MINNEAPOLIS – If you were near Lake Street in Minneapolis on Friday, you probably saw the crew from MAD DADS out in full force.

But they weren't gathering for a vigil, praying for victims of violence or rallying neighbors to promote safer neighborhoods. They were actually filming a music video.

"We are for real about what we're doing," said V.J. Smith with MAD DADS. "This is a message for the dads out there."

With help from hip-hop artist "Shault Body" a song was written about the work MAD DADS does. The hope is that the music video will inspire men to be role models in their neighborhoods.

"We want this song to touch the fathers that are missing in action," says Smith. "There are middle and high school students that wouldn't be doing what they're doing if they had a father who cared."

The music video will be released in early 2014.