BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - A popular ride at the Mall of America has closed for additional inspection, in the wake of a tragic accident that occurred on a similar ride at the Ohio State Fair.

Authorities with the Mall of America say this is a proactive move -- and that no issues with the ride prompted them to take action.

They released the following statement:

In light of the tragic accident at the Ohio State Fair, Mall of America has proactively stopped running Shredders Mutant Masher for additional inspection. Shredder’s Mutant Masher is a fixed, permanent theme ride that is inspected on a daily basis, as are all of our rides. Mall of America holds itself to the highest standards. Our ride will remain inactive until we’ve been given appropriate clearance by our manufacturer.

One man died and seven others were injured on Wednesday after a ride malfunction at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus. A row of seats on the Fire Ball ride, which spins riders and takes them high off the ground, "snapped off," according to witnesses.

The ride malfunction killed an 18-year-old man and critically injured at least five others.